Tony Cogliandro

Tony Cogliandro - AKI President

Tony Cogliandro - AKI President




A devoted friend and student of Grandmaster Parker, Tony Cogliandro has dedicated more than 40 years to the art of American Kenpo.




As president and founder of American Kenpo International, Mr. Cogliandro leads his organization as a man of integrity – devoted not only to his Kenpo family but martial artists of all systems and styles.








Hall of Fame

Krane Hall of Fame  1991

Ocean State Grand Nationals Hall of Fame 1993

Constitution State Nationals Hall of Fame

Central New England Karate Champioships Hall of Fame   2008

Foxwoods Karate championships Hall of Fame 2006

Twin Towers Karate Championships Hall of Fame
New York     2008









Belt Date Promoted by
Green Belt 24 Jun 1975 John “Dee” Decalogero
Brown Belt 14 Jun 1977 John “Dee” Decalogero
1st Black 5 Apr 1978 John “Dee” Decalogero
2nd Black 10 Jan 1981 John “Dee” Decalogero
3rd Black 16 Aug 1983 Senior GM  Ed Parker
4th Black 18 Aug 1984 Senior GM  Ed Parker
5th Black 25 Jan 1987  Senior GM  Ed Parker
6th Black 21 Nov 1992 Richard “Huk” Planas
7th Black 9 May 1997 AKI Board
8th Black 14 Nov 2001 AKI Board
9th Black 30 Jul 2006 AKI Board

10th Black   Sept 5, 2010           Senior GM S. George Pesare

10th   BLACK  –  5/21/2011  -International Kenpo Council of Grandmasters



Martial Arts Achievements

10th Degree Black Belt(2010) (40 Years in the Martial Arts)     GRANDMASTER

Foxwoods Karate Championships Hall of Fame – 2006

Coach of the Mohegan Sun National Karate Team

Krane Hall of Fame

Ocean State Grand Nationals Hall of Fame

Constitution State Nationals Hall of Fame

Pioneered American (Parker) Kenpo into the Northeast

of the United States  with Grandmaster Ed Parker 1983 ……

First American to demonstrate and teach American Kenpo in Central America

Founded American Kenpo International with over 60 schools worldwide

Promoter of the Boston Internationals 1982 – 1999

First American to teach karate in the country of Honduras in 1997

Chairman of the North Shore MDA Kickathon program, raising over $10,000

Worldwide Kenpo Karate Assoc. Executive Board Member and Co-Founder, 1991

National Black Belt League Northeast Commissioner, 1991

Promoter of the Maine International Karate Championships (Sanford, ME), 2002-current

International Kenpo Karate Assoc. New England Regional Director in charge of 50 Schools, 1983-1991

Founder of Tony Cogliandro’s Kenpo Karate Studio Chain

Acton, Maine

Massachusetts (Saugus, Revere, Chelsea, Danvers, Beverly, Lynn, Tewksbury, Wilmington)

Nominated as Kenpo Instructor of the Year by Inside Kung-fu Magazine, 1983

Editor/Publisher of Karate in New England, 1981/82

Publisher, Krane Ratings International Magazine

Professional Karate League National Advisory Committee, 1988-1990

Professional Kickboxing Manager and Trainer

North American Karate Conference-New England Representative, 1986/87

Connecticut Martial Arts Federation Member

Martial Arts Tournament Coordinator

United States:

Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, New York,

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida (Disney World), Michigan, California, Puerto Rico.


Canada, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Cayman Islands, Venezuela.

Worldwide Martial Instructor:

United States, Ireland, Canada, Venezuela, Guatemala, Italy,  El Salvador, Honduras,

Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman.

Positions Held

President, Krane Ratings International

President, American Kenpo International

Vice-President (Semi-Contact), Waco USA